Any spare plants for Belle Vue Park?

This Thursday 13th July Grow Your Community wants to make this area of Belle Vue Park lovely.

Grow Your Community needs your help to bring any plants that suit part sun, part shade. Meet at 11am in the woodlands near Ingrams Park Road (parking there too). Thank you. It will also make the park look a bit better for Party in the Park!

Posted on behalf of Grow Your Community Sudbury.

Grow Your Community – Siam Gardens

On Monday 19th June, 2pm – 3.30 pm, the Grow Your Community team will be at Siam Gardens to tend the flowers there.
Please pop by and give a hand. Dan will have tools and gloves but do bring your own if you have them.
Grow Your Community are tending this once a month and it all helps keep Sudbury looking good.

As ever all are welcome to join the group of gardening volunteers at Siam Gardens once a month and at the two weekly regular gardening sessions as well:

Monday mornings 10 – 12.30 at the Bridge Project – Join in the Gardening
Thursday Mornings 10 – 12.30 at Belle Vue Park – Making it lovely in the Park.

Feel free to call Dan up to chat. It may be what you’re looking to do or you know someone who might benefit. So far they have a diverse friendly group and you would be most welcome.

Dan Wheals 0755 134 3 135

Farmers’ Market

A quick reminder that we are changing the dates of our regular Friday Tidy from the last Friday to the first Friday of each month.

The reason? Several of our volunteers were having to rush to get to the Farmers’ Market in St Peter’s church.  We can’t possibly have anyone missing out on fresh veg, honey, meat, pies, cakes and a whole lot more, from local farmers and producers, so we will start our new regular slot next Friday 2nd June – the first Friday of the month. We will send out a reminder, as usual, next week.

Bullocks Terrace.

Just off Friars Street is a narrow lane leading to some delightful ‘guerilla’ gardening. Bullocks Lane and Bullocks Terrace have been transformed by individuals who have taken on the task of making their town more beautiful.

On Thursday, I went along to meet Sue Lawson who planted up and maintains the long strip of garden on Bullocks Terrace. Dan Wheals, Sudbury’s ‘Grow Your Community’ co-ordinator, and Lorna Hoey from the Sudbury Society, who recently launched their Love Sudbury campaign, were already hard at work when I arrived. Within an hour we had completed all the weeding, filled a wheely bin, and had a lovely chat. The garden, unsurprisingly, drew compliments from various passersby.

Sue already has her sights set on the small strip of land just around the corner – and if you would like to help Sue with that or the existing garden, you can contact her via greener Sudbury, Dan or Lorna (please click on the links above, highlighted in green, to find contact details).

Extra Friday Tidy – Roy’s tubs!

Join us at 10:00 on friday 14th April for an extra…

Friday Tidy!

dscf7963 We plan to fit in another extra Friday Tidy at the end of this week, to sort out the tubs at the back of Roy’s on Great Eastern Road (across from the back entrance to Thing-me-Bobs). Another one that is ideal if you aren’t too keen on kneeling!

New faces always welcome – just come along ready for some gardening!

Siam Gardens.

A big hello to all who stopped at our stall in the Town Hall! It was lovely to meet so many people interested in joining us to help make Sudbury greener.


Why not pop along to Siam Gardens this Friday, 10 March, to say hello and see what we do? We will be there at roughly 10:00 – 11:00am, before moving on to the raised beds outside the entrance to the Kingfisher Leisure Centre at around 11:00-12 noon. The edible bed needs a bit of a tidy up and we will take a fresh look at the wildflower bed.

A quick reminder that Darren Lerigo’s talk is on Sunday afternoon, 12 March at the Quay Theatre – it promises to be an interesting and useful talk. We hope to see you there.

Siam Garden


A crisp, frosty morning in Siam Garden was perfect for working up a gentle ‘glow’, as we tidied and swept, and picked up dog poo… Some signs have gone up reminding people that they really need to pick up after their dogs!


Thanks to all who came along. Join us next time, if you can!