Holly’s Forest Sessions.


in the Sudbury and South Suffolk/North Essex area: bushcraft, woodland crafts, campfire cooking, foraging, rope walks, flora/fauna identification, and shelter building!

child led outdoor educational sessions, all year round,in all weathers…

HOLLY’S FOREST SESSIONS: Fantastic experience for children and families – getting creative, learning bushcraft skills, climbing trees, stream dipping…

ACTIVITIES: include mini beast hunting, wood craft, cooking on a fire, rope walks, wild camping, bushcraft and more!

Holly Hilder | Forest Sessions | FS3 Leader
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Holly forest sessions

Pots please!

DSCF7668We are aiming to grow some plants for sale and to plant out in neglected areas, but have run out of pots for sowing seeds… If you are coming to the Quay theatre on Tuesday 19th to hear the lovely Dan Wheals and you have some small and medium plant pots going spare, please bring them along! Thank you!

The Apricot Centre & Permaculture

The Apricot Centre


Walk and talk on permaculture for gardens.

Tuesday, 16 August

10:00 – 12:30

Marina O’Connell, who runs the farm, has offered to take us for a wander round the farm and garden. Marina will explain the principles of permaculture and how they can be applied practically in a garden setting. We will then go inside for a discussion and to ask any questions.

Marina keeps things informal and practical – and we hope to get some ideas for re-planting and developing the Quay car-park.

….and the visit is FREE!

As the farm is part of the DEFRA funding scheme, we will need a minimum of six people to confirm booking – please confirm by leaving a comment in the comments section of the blog. Closer to the time we can organise car shares and arrange set-off times.

*Permaculture is the design of more sustainable environments
 using nature as inspiration. By observing and learning how 
 wonderfully productive eco-systems can be, we can learn from
 this and consciously design our own gardens, lives, farms
 and environments to work with nature. To be sustainable in
 caring for the earth, natural resources and the people whose
 lives the systems touch upon, and to be fair and equitable,
 returning rather than retaining surpluses.