Bullocks Terrace.

Just off Friars Street is a narrow lane leading to some delightful ‘guerilla’ gardening. Bullocks Lane and Bullocks Terrace have been transformed by individuals who have taken on the task of making their town more beautiful.

On Thursday, I went along to meet Sue Lawson who planted up and maintains the long strip of garden on Bullocks Terrace. Dan Wheals, Sudbury’s ‘Grow Your Community’ co-ordinator, and Lorna Hoey from the Sudbury Society, who recently launched their Love Sudbury campaign, were already hard at work when I arrived. Within an hour we had completed all the weeding, filled a wheely bin, and had a lovely chat. The garden, unsurprisingly, drew compliments from various passersby.

Sue already has her sights set on the small strip of land just around the corner – and if you would like to help Sue with that or the existing garden, you can contact her via greener Sudbury, Dan or Lorna (please click on the links above, highlighted in green, to find contact details).

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