Oh, those summer nights…

It has been over a year since we last posted any updates, but we have certainly not been resting on our laurels. The lack of rain in the last few months has proved a real challenge in keeping the Kingfisher and Quay beds looking their best, but many of the plants have struggled on, and are surviving. We are having a bit of a think about putting in more Mediterranean plants that will cope better with less rain, and more heat.

The Quay crab apple is heavily laden with fruit, and the quince tree has rewarded us with several fruits, which (if they survive) we hope to try to turn into quince jelly at some point.

We hope to dig out and re-plant one of the Kingfisher beds which is now dominated by the rosemary bushes we planted. This will happen later in the year when we will hopefully have more rainfall to allow new plants to establish.

Meanwhile, stay cool!

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