Farmers’ Market

A quick reminder that we are changing the dates of our regular Friday Tidy from the last Friday to the first Friday of each month.

The reason? Several of our volunteers were having to rush to get to the Farmers’ Market in St Peter’s church.  We can’t possibly have anyone missing out on fresh veg, honey, meat, pies, cakes and a whole lot more, from local farmers and producers, so we will start our new regular slot next Friday 2nd June – the first Friday of the month. We will send out a reminder, as usual, next week.

One thought on “Farmers’ Market

  1. Hello there
    As I help Justine out with organising the farmers’ market, that is lovely to hear that you are all supporters of the fantastic small producers we have in this part of the world. Thank you for the compliments and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow at St Peter’s!!

    All best
    Angie at Suffolk Market Events


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