Oh, those summer nights…

It has been over a year since we last posted any updates, but we have certainly not been resting on our laurels. The lack of rain in the last few months has proved a real challenge in keeping the Kingfisher and Quay beds looking their best, but many of the plants have struggled on, and are surviving. We are having a bit of a think about putting in more Mediterranean plants that will cope better with less rain, and more heat.

The Quay crab apple is heavily laden with fruit, and the quince tree has rewarded us with several fruits, which (if they survive) we hope to try to turn into quince jelly at some point.

We hope to dig out and re-plant one of the Kingfisher beds which is now dominated by the rosemary bushes we planted. This will happen later in the year when we will hopefully have more rainfall to allow new plants to establish.

Meanwhile, stay cool!

A random tidy…

We popped down to the Kingfisher last Thursday – the one day that didn’t have rain forecast – just to do a little tidy up. We spent an hour or so doing a bit of weeding, some cutting back, and giving the Erigeron/Fleabane a trim. Good to see that the bees are still enjoying what is, after all, intended to be a nectar bar. The hot oranges, deep reds and rich purples look jewel-like in the sunshine, all set off by the sparkle of the Erigeron around the edges.

Our next tidy will be at the Quay Theatre site, as soon as we can gain access. The other bed at the Kingfisher will get a revamp in Spring of next year, but meanwhile the rosemary is doing well there, and will provide somewhere for the bees and butterflies to stop, once its flowers emerge.

Annual General Meeting 2018.

6:30pm on Wednesday May 16, 2018

at The Cyclist,

53 Ballingdon Street, Sudbury, CO10 2BZ


Everyone is welcome to attend our AGM.

Please send your nominations for the rôles of Chairperson, Secretary, or Treasurer as soon as possible, so that they can be added to the agenda. We look forward to seeing you there – but, if possible, please let us know beforehand if you are attending so that we can ensure there is adequate seating for everyone.

The Cyclist is a really lovely cafe/pub venue, so drinks/snacks will be available to buy from the bar!

Sudbury Litter Pickers.

What a pleasure to meet some of the Sudbury Litter Pickers on Sunday –  “a small but very efficient group of volunteers who wish to remove litter from our streets and housing areas and countryside. It is not a group for joining just to read other members posts. You must be an active litter picker even if you cannot join our litter picking walks and meetings.”

The difference the volunteers have made to Ormiston Sudbury playing fields and the footpath that runs alongside is quite remarkable – as, sadly, is the amount of rubbish they picked up. What a shame that some in Sudbury still cannot be persuaded to find a bin, or to take their rubbish home. That one volunteer came all the way from Long Melford is testament to the team’s dedication. Greener Sudbury salutes you!

Each little bit of litter can soon add up to an eyesore – just as each little bit of effort to clear it away can soon result in a tidy town!

Note that the Sudbury Litter Pickers are made up of both teams and individuals – if you prefer to do your litter picking on your own ‘patch’ and as a solo pursuit, you can still keep up with what others are getting up to (as well as letting them know what you’ve been doing) by joining their facebook page.


The snowdrops we planted in the tubs at Roy’s are looking lovely at the moment – a little something to put a ‘Spring’ in your step as you pass by, we hope!

A slightly grey picture taken on a slightly grey day!

Say no to plastic!

Dear all, we’re posting this on behalf of one of our lovely volunteers:-

“I’ve just signed a petition calling on UK supermarkets to go plastic-free, and it would mean a lot to me if you’d add your name too!

From turtles entangled in six pack rings to whales with stomachs full of plastic bags, the effects of plastic pollution can be devastating.

UK supermarket Iceland has just announced its own-brand packaging is going plastic-free.

By ditching plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced.

Please join me in calling on UK supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging.

Sign the petition  https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/plastic-free-supermarket-ef

Thank you!”

Friday Tidy in July!

Join us at 10:00 for our…

Friday Tidy!

dscf7963 Meet on 14 July at the back of Roy’s for some sorting out, fixing up and, of course, weeding. The tubs we will be working on are at the seating areas on either side of the back entrance to Roy’s, (across from the back of Thingmebobs) on Great Eastern Road. If there is time we might also pop round to the Kingfisher beds.

New faces always welcome – just come along ready for some gardening!