Sudbury Litter Pickers.

What a pleasure to meet some of the Sudbury Litter Pickers on Sunday –  “a small but very efficient group of volunteers who wish to remove litter from our streets and housing areas and countryside. It is not a group for joining just to read other members posts. You must be an active litter picker even if you cannot join our litter picking walks and meetings.”

The difference the volunteers have made to Ormiston Sudbury playing fields and the footpath that runs alongside is quite remarkable – as, sadly, is the amount of rubbish they picked up. What a shame that some in Sudbury still cannot be persuaded to find a bin, or to take their rubbish home. That one volunteer came all the way from Long Melford is testament to the team’s dedication. Greener Sudbury salutes you!

Each little bit of litter can soon add up to an eyesore – just as each little bit of effort to clear it away can soon result in a tidy town!

Note that the Sudbury Litter Pickers are made up of both teams and individuals – if you prefer to do your litter picking on your own ‘patch’ and as a solo pursuit, you can still keep up with what others are getting up to (as well as letting them know what you’ve been doing) by joining their facebook page.

One thought on “Sudbury Litter Pickers.

  1. What a very kind write up of our aim to improve Sudbury by making it more litter free. We welcome new members to join our group and become active pickers either as individuals or on group picks. It noes not take a huge effort to make a huge difference.


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