Budding potential…

Our April Friday Tidy went well – work included raking over the soil to inhibit weed growth, tidying the compost heap, and planting some wild strawberries.

Adrian Walters, with the help of two other Common Lands rangers, very generously brought some extra wooden log ‘steps’ to replace those that were stolen from the site earlier this year. We have now begun to cover them with chicken wire, and started to place them in situ to provide a meandering path to allow easier access to the fruit trees and bushes. We will hopefully complete this task next Friday Tidy.

Difficult to see here, but the trees and bushes are budding, and are looking healthy and established. We will be planting more once the path is in place.

It was also great to see the Quay volunteers hard at work on the garden at the seating area. We began helping clear the space back in 2015, and the plants we later put in are thriving. The Quay volunteers have since added many more, and are doing a wonderful job of maintaining the space. It is a beautiful place to sit on a balmy evening – do go and check it out if you haven’t already!

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