Green Belt Public Meeting.

Please show your love for Sudbury by joining in the Green Belt Public Meeting at St Peter’s Church

next Tuesday, 25th April at 7.15pm.

With so much of the land round our town now earmarked for yet more development, we are speaking up to question why there is no longer a Vision for Sudbury! We believe good planning would give the jobs and houses we need, yet still let us live in the countryside.

Sudbury still has the people with ideas, devotion, and a memory of what a beautiful town is like! So please come and hear information from our speakers, the election candidates, and Teresa Bishop, Charlie Haylock, Ralph Carpenter and Theo Bird.

Love Sudbury and Great Cornard’s Green Belt ~ while there still is one!

NB This is not a Greener Sudbury event, but is posted on behalf of the Sudbury Green Belt group.

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