The Apricot Centre – a review.


On Tuesday 16th September, six members of Greener Sudbury,  and one new member, visited The Apricot Centre in Lawford. This venue is a mix of farm and orchard that is  managed on the principles of permaculture, “…a practical design system for sustainable living that offers an ethical, creative and inspiring response to the global challenges of climate change and peak oil. It stresses working with nature and helps you identify steps for positive change for yourself, your family and your community.”


This was explained in further detail by Marina O’Connell, owner and manager of the site. We went on around the site, amazed at the abundance of fruit trees. We were all new to the principles of permaculture but Marina, who teaches courses on the subject, was more than happy to teach as well as answer questions. I thoroughly recommend going on one of Marina’s talks – and if you know six people to go with you, then the talk is free.

(by N. W-K)


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