Dan Wheals at the Quay

Greener Sudbury is delighted to invite you to the Quay Theatre on Tuesday 19th July 7-9pm for a talk by Dan Wheals, a fully qualified and practicing medical herbalist.

This will take place on the evening of Tuesday 19th July (7pm to 9pm) at the Geoff Kisby room on the top floor of the Quay Theatre.  Some of us have been to a previous talk by Dan and found it very engaging.  We’ll have a chance to try some herb teas and possibly venture out for half an hour to look at nearby herbs and gardening developments in the Quay grounds.

Admission is £4 from the Quay Theatre box office or on line.


Dan Wheals is a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and keen herb grower. Involved with local community gardens, green groups and transition town groups, Dan loves bringing community into his work as a herbalist. Community Herbal Medicine is about bringing the healing of herbs to people through medicine but also the power of shared experiences such as community gardening. Using Permaculture design and his experience with groups Dan will give a short talk about herbal medicine’s role in healthcare today and then take a herb walk to survey the areas intended for a community garden. Finally we will taste some freshly picked herb teas and there will be a chance for your questions.

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