Weeding party at the Quay…

As mentioned previously, the Quay needs a little bit of help removing some of the weeds growing in their outdoor sitting area. The larger prickly ones have been taken out, but there are still some smaller weeds, and grasses, that  need to go!


We’ll be there at 11:45 am on Thursday, 2nd June.

So, bring a trowel, gloves, a kneeler (if needed) to get up close and personal with the weeds, plus a keen eye to identify them, and come along! If there is time afterwards, and weather permits, we might also take a stroll along the railway path to visit the Kingfisher Leisure Centre beds.

2 thoughts on “Weeding party at the Quay…

  1. Hello, er, have I got the location mixed up please?? I only ask because I initially thought we were going to the Quay. Then I was told it was the Kimgfisher. Now your message says theQuay. I apologise if I have missed some details.


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