A little bit of rain didn’t deter us during our Friday Tidy…

At Roy’s, we split the snowdrops and planted a few miniature tulips. Down at the Kingfisher beds we trimmed back a few of the leggier plants in the nectar bed, just to neaten things up a bit – and then discussed what to do with the ‘edible’ bed. We have big plans for the next month or two – a revamp on the scale of the nectar bed is long overdue!

After a very welcome cup of tea (big thank you to the Kingfisher for that – it was just what we needed to take the chill off!) we headed round to the Quay, to have a look and make some notes. Lovely to see buds on the trees and bushes – it’s all very green at the moment (the wild strawberries are rampant….) with a splash of bright yellow, but it shouldn’t be too long before we get some more colour in there too.

Friday Tidy in March…

Well, we haven’t been completely idle, even if the blog has been badly neglected! Among other things, bulbs and a few new plants have been added to the Kingfisher bed and a bit of weeding has gone on. There are shoots coming up, and there is some welcome colour to brighten up the (last of…?) the winter months.

So, as Friday 13th approaches (and no, we are not in the least superstitious) we aim to do a round up of what needs to be done in each of the areas we maintain. We will meet at the tubs at the back of Roys at 10:00 and then make our way on to the Kingfisher beds, and finish at the Quay. We hope you can join us at one or all of the sites.


The snowdrops we planted in the tubs at Roy’s are looking lovely at the moment – a little something to put a ‘Spring’ in your step as you pass by, we hope!

A slightly grey picture taken on a slightly grey day!

A productive morning.

We had a productive morning at the tubs behind Roy’s, with a few unruly plants removed and a bit of pruning on others.

Roy’s kindly donated a couple of plants, and some gravel – so new plants were installed (along with several grown by our volunteers), the tubs were topped up with some fresh soil, and all was topped off with gravel to help with moisture retention during any particularly dry spells.



A bit of a sit down…

The tubs which we planted up behind Roy’s store in town are mostly doing very well – the only exception being the tub which is hidden towards the back wall. Too much shade and not enough water? We shall try to come up with a new solution to that problem.

Roys tubs.

Roys tubs

Roys tubs

Meanwhile, the plants we introduced into the beds behind the seats – including a small white lilac – appear to have survived and rewarded us with flowers. We hope that they make a difference to anyone who stops for a little bit of a sit down en route to and from Roys and Waitrose!

Welcome to a greener Sudbury.

On June 11, 2013, a small group of volunteers spent a few hours transforming two neglected raised beds – filling them with flowers, plants and edible goodness to entice the butterflies and bees, and delight the people of Sudbury!



Only five weeks later the local bees and butterflies were buzzing happily…


…and the flower beds were thriving.



In February 2014, having enjoyed the project so much, we resolved to spend less time talking and more time ‘doing’. In April 2014, as well as a tidy-up session at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre beds, we began clearing the tubs and beds behind Roy’s Department Store.



The end of May saw the Kingfisher wildflower bed looking spectacular – a real contrast to its former scrub, and dry earth – and drawing lots of compliments from passersby.


Since then, we have painted the tubs and benches behind Roy’s Department Store, pruned some of the shrubs behind the benches, planted a lilac, lily-of-the-valley, and other shrubs, and filled the tubs with bulbs and perennials.


After being included in the tour for the Sudbury in Bloom judges in June 2014, we have continued to maintain the beds, and have begun to make plans for 2015. Join us, if you’d like to come and help make Sudbury greener!