Friday Tidy in September…

Join us at 10:00 on the FIRST friday of the month for our…

Friday Tidy!

dscf7963 Meet on 7 September at the Quay (then we’ll move onto the Kingfisher) for some sorting out, fixing up and, of course, weeding. New faces always welcome – just come along ready for some gardening.

The Quay is looking very sunny, even on a grey day, thanks to the sunflowers and Calendula. Come and have a look!

Friday Tidy in August

Our rain dances worked (eventually)!
So, join us at 10:00 on the first Friday of the month for our…

Friday Tidy!

dscf7963 Meet on 3 August at the Quay Theatre at 10:00 and around 11:00 at the Kingfisher, for some sorting out, fixing up and, of course, weeding. New faces always welcome – just come along ready for some gardening!

How do trees get online…?

…they just log in.*

This morning was spent putting the last few log ‘steps’ in at the Quay, to make a path through the garden. The earth is as dry as dust, but we’re still trying to do only essential watering.

Lovely to see the Towpath Team (who work on the Quay seating area) this morning, having tea and Jaffa cakes in the sunshine – they’d already been there for an hour or two when we arrived, trying to avoid the intense heat of the day.

Enjoy the weather this weekend – but we won’t tell anyone if you decide that you want to join us in a tiny little rain dance at some point or other!

*Apologies for the joke. It was a bit wooden. I blame the internet.

Friday Tidy in July…

Join us at 10:00 on the first Friday of the month for our…

Friday Tidy!

dscf7963 Meet at 10:00 on 6 July at the Quay for some sorting out, fixing up and, of course, weeding. New faces always welcome – just come along ready for some gardening!

Anglia in Bloom!

Anglia in Bloom is coming to Sudbury today – and we will be at the Quay car park from 10:45 am and at the Kingfisher from around noon to greet the judges. If you have helped on either of these projects (you know who you are!) do come along and lend your support/wax lyrical/smile enthusiastically!

It would also be great to see the Quay volunteers who have taken over  the Quay Theatre seating area.

Finally, Dan from Activ Lives sends this message:

We are really chuffed with all the help we have had at Belle Vue Park. Please come and share this high point of our second year when the Anglia in Bloom Judges come to Sudbury.

We would love a hand watering everything too.

As ever:  Thursday, 10am – 12.30pm in Belle Vue Park, Sudbury.
Parking on Ingrams Well Road.
I think they are coming just about tea time – but I’d love it if you felt like talking to them about how gardening in the Park or in your area of the towns of Sudbury or Cornard has helped you.

Up to date…

A combination of family events and a broken computer has meant that updates have been few and far between recently – of course, some of you might be happy about that! Nevertheless, how about a quick look back at what we’ve been doing recently?

At the beginning of May we were delighted to take part in the annual Flower Market alongside professional plant growers. It was a glorious sunny day, and the crowds were out in force – a big thank you to those who purchased plants from us and stopped for a chat. Every penny will go back into supporting the work we are doing around town.

In May, we were delighted to see that the fruit trees and bushes we’d planted at the Quay Theatre car park had not only survived the winter but were now sporting blossom, and the tiny alpine strawberries were also flowering.

Now, towards the end of June, the hot weather has been quite challenging – whilst the trees and bushes continue to flourish,  there might not be as much fruit as we had hoped for.  Meanwhile, there are sunflowers growing, lavender has been planted, and poppies and marigolds add a welcome splash of colour.

Back in May, the Quay seating area overlooking the water was looking resplendent with dozens of beautiful Californian poppies brightening the space.

This week, the colours have changed, and pinks and purples dominate.

We were very pleased to see that many of the plants we originally put in have survived – all thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Quay volunteers who now look after the area! Do pop in and have a look –  it’s the most peaceful setting for a little quiet contemplation!

We continue to tend the pots at the back of Roy’s – which are suffering in the heat, but still looking okay. The beds at the Kingfisher leisure centre are also surviving. Although the wildflower bed is probably past its best, the edible bed is filled with plants sturdy enough (in the main) to survive the heat and lack of rainfall.

Kingfisher wildflowers in mid-May.

Kingfisher wildflowers in late June.

But look – some escapees have made a home next door! Nature will always find a way!

Finally, a quick reminder that our next Friday Tidy will be on 6 July. Keep a look out for our usual reminder, and do join us if you can!

Budding potential…

Our April Friday Tidy went well – work included raking over the soil to inhibit weed growth, tidying the compost heap, and planting some wild strawberries.

Adrian Walters, with the help of two other Common Lands rangers, very generously brought some extra wooden log ‘steps’ to replace those that were stolen from the site earlier this year. We have now begun to cover them with chicken wire, and started to place them in situ to provide a meandering path to allow easier access to the fruit trees and bushes. We will hopefully complete this task next Friday Tidy.

Difficult to see here, but the trees and bushes are budding, and are looking healthy and established. We will be planting more once the path is in place.

It was also great to see the Quay volunteers hard at work on the garden at the seating area. We began helping clear the space back in 2015, and the plants we later put in are thriving. The Quay volunteers have since added many more, and are doing a wonderful job of maintaining the space. It is a beautiful place to sit on a balmy evening – do go and check it out if you haven’t already!